Luck Swan Boutique Hotel

225 Village no. 4 Rim-Kok Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Rai

Tel: 053-716-999 / 097-918-8844 

Luckswan Resort

Luckswan Boutiqur

Manee Inn

Suite Room

Maximum 4 persons

Suite Room furnished with stylish wooden décor. Spacious room with nice amenity like the bathtub. 


Room facilities

Bathtub • LED TV • Hair dryer • Air conditioning • Refrigerator • Wardrobe • Dressing table


Suitable for those traveling as a family because of a maximum of 4 people.

Suite Room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

For 2 persons

Deluxe Room is a room decorated with stylish wooden wall. There are both options in a single bed and a double bed, allowing you to relax with your friends or lovers surround with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 


Room Facilities 

LED screen TV • Hair dryer • Refrigerator • Air conditioner • Wardrobe • dressing table


Suitable for anyone who travels in pairs, whether they be lovers, friends, travelers, business people, and fellow travelers.